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Ramai belum mengenali sistem perubatan homeopathy ..disini saya ingin perjelaskan..
nanti satu hari ,insyallah, saya terjemahkan ke bahasa ibunda..
susah skit sebab saya belajar dulu dalam bahasa asing ni..


Homeopathy is a system of medicine that uses remedies made from plants, animals and mineral substances. 

These remedies are prepared in such a way that they are non-toxic and do not cause harmful side effects. 


Homeopathy was discovered in the early 1800’s by a German physician (doctor), Samuel Hanemann. Shortly after setting up his clinic, he became disheartened with medicine. The 18th and 19th century physicians believe that sickness was caused by fluids that have been expelled from the body. To treat these sicknesses, patients were cauterized, blistered, purged and bled. Hanemann protested against these brutal and senseless methods.

He also opposed the way doctors prescribed those days, it was customary to mix a great number of chemical drugs in one prescription.

Hanemann gave up the practise of medicine and became a medical-book translator. It was discovered that he was  fluent in the Arabic language and  that he had a copy of the medical book called TIB NUBUWWAH in the Arabic language, written by Muslim Medical Scholar, Ibnul Qayyim al Jauzi. It was his favourite book of reference.

Hanemann persisted in his livelong goal to discover if God had given any LAW whereby the  diseases of mankind could be cured..
ie curing  mankind using the rules of God.

It was mentioned that, while translating the book “Lectures on the Materia Medica” by Willian Cohen, a Scottish professor of medicine, that Hanemann stumbled on the key to curing sick people.
The author claimed that cinchona bark or quinine, cured intermittent fever (malaria), because of its astringent and bitter qualities. This explanation was not satisfactory to Hanemann who knew of other equally bitter substances. So he did a daring thing...he tested the medicine himself.                                                                

“I took by way of experiment, twice a day, 4 drams of good Cinchona...

..My feet, finger ends etc at first became cold

: I grew languid and drowsy

 : then my heart began to palpitate, my pulse grew hard and small

: my limbs began to tremble, prostrate and in intolerable anxiety

: then, pulsation in my head, redness of my cheeks

:  numbness and disagreeable sensation over every bone in the body

The paroxysm lasted 2-3 hours.
This was the first ‘proving’ – testing a medicine on a healthy person. 
The symptoms developed corresponded exactly to the symptoms of malaria

Thus, he concluded that malaria was cured by cinchona not because of its bitter taste but because cinchona produces the symptoms of malaria in a healthy person.

Hanemann enlisted the help of friends to embark an extensive programme of remedial testing. When he died at the age of 88, he had recorded 99 experimented substances. By the end of the century,more than 600 substances were added.

 The word Homeopathy comes from the Greek word,

Homoiose meaning similar 
Pathy meaning suffering/sickness.

Similia Similibus Curentur = like is cured by like

..A remedy can cure a disease if the remedy produces symptoms on a healthy person similar to the disease.


Homeopathic medicines are prepared using the method of dilutions and succusions, whereby no molecules of the original substance remain..what remains is the potential energy of the substance.
A potentised remedy does not contain sufficient matter to act directly on human tissues... which means,homeopathic medicines are non-toxic and cannot cause side-effects.

All the remedies used were first tested and experimented on humans. Homeopaths do not use animals  as subjects for testing medicines. The provings are then compiled in reference book called the MATERIA  MEDICA.   

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